Safety and customer satisfaction come first at Audi. They are part and parcel of the success of the company with the four rings. In that context, light technology is steadily growing more important and creating a wider range of possibilities and perspectives, from added safety for the driver, to external communication and individualization. Systematic light digitization is making all of this possible. It is particularly visible in the new Audi A8: the forward-looking Digital Matrix LED headlights and digital OLED rear lights raise the customer experience to a whole new level: for the first time in any Audi model, light is completely digitized. The car can be individualized even further through its digital OLED rear lights. The Digital Matrix LED headlights also include three new functions: advanced traffic information, a lane light with direction indicator lights on highways, and an orientation light on country roads. These features not only demonstrate Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik,” they also add value.


New number one and number two functions in the Digital Matrix LED: the orientation light on country roads and the lane light with direction indicator lights

We’ve all been there: it’s dark and there is a lot happening on the highway at night. The lane light with the orientation light is extremely helpful in a situation like that. It illuminates the car’s own lane, helping the driver focus on driving events. The integrated position marking from the orientation light – darkened arrows in a kind of “carpet of light” known as the lane light – predictively indicates the Audi vehicle’s position between the lane markers, encouraging safe driving in the center of the lane. With its focus on the car’s own lane markers, the lane light with the orientation light on the highway helps, for example, in narrow lanes around construction sites: the illumination is deliberately restricted to the car’s lane and not the lanes of the construction site in order to optimally center the driver’s focus on the road. Now that the headlight has been digitized, this orientation light is also available independently of the lane light on country roads, which is a new feature. That is the first new function that is made possible in additional driving situations due to digital light technology.

New function number three: advanced traffic information